Relaxing lockdown is too risky:PM Boris Johnson

Report by Mohammed Shahid Miah

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has warned the public that it is still too dangerous to ease the lockdown. This is because the virus can re-emerge.
Returning to 10 Downing Street in London, Johnson said on Monday that the UK was now at “maximum risk” in the fight against the coronavirus. So he will not relax the lockdown in a hurry.

Johnson called on the public to adhere to restrictions at this time, even as the British economy was hit hard by the severe landown.”If we can continue the unity and determination we have shown in the last six weeks, we will definitely be able to defeat it (the virus),” he said.”Don’t be impatient. Because, I believe we are now nearing the end of the first phase of the fight. ”Unemployment is on the rise, many companies are down, the recession is in full swing – Johnson said he understands the concerns about the economy and business activities, and will discuss the issue with opposition parties to get a clear direction out of the lockdown.

But Johnson said: “We can’t say right now how fast or slow or when the restrictions will be relaxed.” But he indicated that such steps would be taken in the coming days, adding that “the restrictions will be lifted gradually.”Noting that the risk of a second outbreak of the virus should be borne in mind, Johnson said the risk of the virus going out of control would not only lead to new deaths, but also economic catastrophe.”I want to mobilize the country’s economy as soon as possible. “But I do not want to risk the re-emergence of the virus, let alone the efforts and sacrifices of the British people.”

According to Johns Hopkins University, the death toll in the UK from Covid-19 stood at 20,795 as of Monday morning. The number of coronavirus cases identified in the country has exceeded 158,000.

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