Less chance to have big changes in UK lockdown

A Cabinet Minister stated that People should not expect big changes to the coronavirus lockdown in Boris Johnson’s speech to the nation on Sunday, 10th May

Wales is making “modest” changes to its lockdown from Monday, which will allow people to exercise outside bit more often.

Announcing the plans for Wales’ lockdown, First Minister Mark Drakeford said he wanted Wales to “move in step with the other nations of the United Kingdom”.

The new measures will allow people to exercise outside more than once a day, while some garden centres and recycling centres will reopen.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Friday the only change she was considering in the immediate term was to outdoor exercise.

Mr Dowden said the PM’s speech, at 19:00 BST on Sunday, would cautiously begin to look to the future, with limited amendments to restrictions to begin with.

“On Sunday, what the prime minister will do is set out the road map ahead,” he said. 

“So we can start to look to the future, but we’ll have to do so in a very tentative and cautious way. People should not expect big changes from the prime minister on Sunday.

“But what they should expect, and this is what people have been asking for some time, tell us where we’re going. Give us a road map ahead. And that is what the prime minister will do.”

He added: “The worst thing that could happen is that after the huge effort we’ve all put in… we don’t want to have a second peak that overwhelms the NHS.”

——–Source BBC——

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