Kuwait government declares general amnesty for illegal immigrants

After announcing a general amnesty for illegal immigrants, the Kuwaiti Home Minister Anas al-Saleh has expressed his satisfaction after receiving the expected response from illegal immigrants living in Kuwait.

According to a Kuwaiti Home Minister Anas al-Saleh’s Twitter status, the local English daily reported the Arab Times. The country’s home minister said their embassies have played a vital role in facilitating illegal immigrants’ departure of Kuwait.

Home Minister Anas al-Saleh thanked the embassies on behalf of his ministry. From April 1st to April 30, the deadline for illegal immigrants to leave Kuwait has been set. They will be able to leave Kuwait without penalty. Besides, he said that the expatriates should be sent to their respective countries without Akama at the expense of the government.

The period for April 8 to April 25 has been fixed for illegal immigrants. The Bangladesh embassy in Kuwait has called for the illegals to leave Kuwait, taking advantage of this opportunity to declare a general pardon to the Kuwaiti government.

Meanwhile, referring to the illegal immigrants entering Kuwait illegally because their government is investigating, Minister Anas al-Saleh said his ministry has already begun to list the names of companies or individuals associated with the visa business.

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