Hundred thousand Bangladeshi are at risk, the pressure of 5 countries to take back migrants

Desk report: Bangladesh is under increasing pressure to repatriate migrants from different countries around the world. Of the three Gulf states, Bahrain, Qatar and the Kuwaiti government have said they want to repatriate about 38 thousand Bangladeshis. At the same time, there is increasing pressure on the Bangladeshi government to withdraw immigrants from Singapore, Korea and the Maldives. The information was disclosed at an upper level government meeting where Foreign Minister Abdul Momen, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal and Foreign Affairs Minister Imran Ahmed.were present at the meeting.

Officials say if 100,000 Bangladeshi expatriates are at risk of forcible repatriation if forced to repatriate migrants from all countries of the Middle East. Imran Ahmed told reporters after the meeting on Monday that Middle Eastern countries have been pushing for the return of Bangladeshi nationals guilty of irregularities and crimes for some time. He said the government would have to bring these migrants back on chartered flights. The matter is being discussed with Bangladesh Airlines.

He also stated that Bangladesh has asked every country to list the Bangladeshi people they want to send back. The minister said we have to bring them back. But before that, we want to scrutinise the list.

The meeting said that Kuwait had already sent a list of 350 to be sent back to Bangladesh. However,Bangladesh plans to seek help from allies to bring in such a large number of migrants from countries.

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